Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who Am I?

Oh, the joys of the journey toward self-actualization! There are many highs and lows that make this life so exciting and unpredictable. I think that most interesting part of life is the road we take to finding out what defines us. It is an adventure that must be taken with risk and spontaneity, but this same course must be explored with much caution.

People, I've learned, have a very interesting way of defining life according to their own experiences and schema. The only way that we know how to frame our world is through the lenses of experience. The problem arises when we try to define other people. People are so diverse and intricate. Only God can truly know our hearts, so when one man tries to blow the horn of another, he might toot too loudly or too softly, never really getting just the right pitch. On the other hand, a man that toots his own horn won't exactly find the perfect tone, due to certain unavoidable biases. So, who, you might ask do we give the privilege of "the toot?" The Word of God is the only mirror that we can look into to give us a clear image of God, of self, of others and of the world around us.

What does the Word say about me? That I am fearfully and wonderfully made, that I'm royalty, that I'm a redeemed sinner, that I'm the apple of God's many other things. The beauty of finding ourselves in God's Word is that in the end...every good and beautiful thing that describes us is found in God, which should eradicate all feelings of pride. This also gets rid of feelings that we're not good enough or that we'll fail, because as long as we find rest in God who does not fail, we are standing on unshakable ground.

This is the bottom line: YOU ARE WHO GOD SAYS THAT YOU ARE.

Nothing more...nothing less...

What sweet relief I've found in learning that I don't have to try anymore.


  1. hi Anjela, cool blog, love your writings. I saw you on Twitter while looking for gospel artists to follow and connect to on my .tv website. Keep the vision blazing and I'll follow you on Twitter.

  2. Hi Paul!!! My name isn't Anjela...but you can call me that if you'd like...:)

    I visited your website...very nice...!

  3. It's funny cause I was just thinking about this concept of self-actualization this morning. People never really know us the way we truly are, neither do we know ourselves the way we truly are. Right now, on this side of eternity, we only know in part. But I look forward to the day that I will fully know even as I am fully known.