Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gratitude and Other Fascinating Phenomena

...the way the clouds look from an airplane window

...a rainbow after the storm


...the way that babies grip one of your fingers with all of theirs

...the taste of water with a hint of lemon

...belly laughs

...the sound of worship from a heart filled with the love of God

...deep sleep

...a good book

...the bond of real friendship

...an exceptionally good movie that you can relate to


There are so many little things that I am grateful for. I've already named a few, but there are so many more. We take so many things in our lives for granted. Let's remember to stop for a minute and look at the world around us. Let's take in the smell of the earth after a hard rain and the sound of children enjoying their innocence. These things can easily be a reason to complain. We hate when it rains but we don't want famine. We yell at children for being too loud but we pray for the gift of childbirth. We must realize that life is all about perspective. There is beauty in absolutely everything, as long as you look for it.

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