Thursday, September 17, 2009

have i told YOU today that i love YOU?
and i appreciate all that YOU've done?
have i said that i'd like to give YOU
every peice of me, every last one?

have i let YOU know how much it means
that YOU'd spend YOUR time with me?
or that if YOU had never found me
i have no idea where i would be?

have i made it clear through jest and tears?
have i given enough of myself?
to show YOU that its YOU i want
it's YOU and no one else...


  1. this is beautiful
    i just read it to my man
    and he was like

    Is that Micheal Bolton
    i said no ooo
    i don't know
    na dis blogger I know

  2. Lol!!! Michael Bolton!!! Man...he's so cool and intensely passionate!!!