Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We live in a world filled with hatred and such
In times when men are looking for a truth
In search for the things that can fade
With a mere touch
We're walking in darkness
Stumbling through a sea of devastation
As strong waves attempt to force us into a box
That has been framed by law and legislation
But this is our cry
For now and forever
Nothing can keep us silent
Not now. Not ever.
Will will sever
Our ties to this world
In it but not of it
No longer do we love it but we seek after the things
That make Your heart glad
We see darkness all around us
But we are the light
Surrounded by witnesses
We don't retreat in this fight
But we push for what is right
For what's good in Your sight
For those things that You desire
Living justly
Loving mercy
Walking humbly
This is what You require
So this is what we do
While shouting praise to You...
We live in a world filled with hatred and such
But in these times, men will turn to the Truth
Panting after You....

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