Saturday, October 10, 2009



You're in a large arena excited about a night full of music and celebration. The announcer for the night has left the stage and in comes the first artist: a petite young woman with unique style and an amazing presence about her. She sits at a piano. She begins to play and the room fall completely silent. When she starts singing, jaws drop to the floor. You, my good friend, have just had your first experience of a live performance by the incomparable Leah Smith.

Leah Smith is a 20 year old singer/songwriter and musician who hails from North Philidelphia. Her flawless vocal stylings and classically trained musicianship work together to bring encouragement and wisdom to people that have the priviledge of listening to her music. From upbeat tracks like "Monster" to the thoughtful and relatable "Beautifully Made," Leah relays an amazing message to her listeners. When I spoke with her to learn more about this message, Leah said that through her music she wants to be able to represent Jesus in a mainstream setting. "I'm trying to reach an un-churched demographic," she says, " I want to live, perform and write in a way that will draw people to Jesus because of the marked difference in the music. The music represents hope and love to people who don't know Him."
Leah's soon to be released EP tells a story and each song has its own unique message. "I want people to listen to this album and say, 'There's hope for me. I'm not a mistake.'"

The EP, aptly entitled "Beautifully Made," will be released on 10/20/2009. You'll want to be close to a computer on that day, as the EP will be released online. After you've purchased it, set your music player of choice to "repeat all" and enjoy.
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