Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Looking for More...

I'm reading Hosea 6:3...over and over...listening to what the Word teaches.

This verse is so beautiful to me. It promises that if we pursue the knowledge of the Lord...if we press on to know Him, that He will surely come to us. The Word here says that He will pour out on us like the rain. What's interesting to me is that it doesn't say that He'll come only to the righteous and the doesn't say that He'll only come to the sanctified and set apart. The Word says that He will come to us just like the latter and former rain fall to the earth.

Have you ever been in a rain storm that fell on your neighbor's house and not your own? Have you ever experienced a spring rain that only watered one neighbor's garden and not the other? I haven't. The Bible says the the Lord will come just as the rain comes to the earth. He will pour out Himself on us all. Who would be able to stand in the presence of our Almighty God?

I hope that in seeking God, my pursuit of Him will cause a rumbling in the heavens that will cause Him to rain His kingdom down on my entire generation. Not just in churches and in Christian homes, but everywhere; so that all people will see His glory. May the righteous pursuit of an awesome God by the people He loves passionately and unconditionally cause a great revival.

I encourage you to seek God. I pray that the more you know Him, the more you'll want to know Him. And I pray that the desperate chasing of God by those who've been called to His purpose will spark a mighty outpouring of His presence.

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  1. "May the righteous pursuit of an awesome God by the people he loves passionately and unconditionally cause a great revival" Thats an awesome heart cry! and i concur and pray the same...

  2. Wow I love that!! You often never think of your personal pursuit of God affecting other people. Lord let us be the remnant that brings the glory of God to this generation!!