Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rejoice in the Lord...

I'd like to take a chance in saying that we are all tempted to give in the the desires that accompany our mortal and dangerous flesh. I'd also like to assume that each of us has had our shares of ups and downs in this roller coaster life that we've been given the chance to live. I think in saying this, I would not be too far off base. But one thing that I've learned well in all my years of living is this: the one constant thing that is utterly dependable is God. I've found that no matter how many times our lives and the people in them take sharp right turns for the worse and then quickly dart left to add to the confusion, God remains the same. Day in and day out, He never changes. Faithful as the day.

I suppose this is why Philippians 4:4 says this:

Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!

I find great relief in the fact that this verse does not on any terms urge us to rejoice in our emotions always. It asks not that we rejoice in people or nature or time and space. This verse commands us to rejoice in the Lord always. The beauty of this command is that the Lord remains the same. He does not change. He is always just. He is always kind. He is always compassionate and caring. He is always patient and faithful. This is a testament to the fact that we can always find a reason to rejoice in Him. When everything around us has fallen and our world seems to be shaken by a major quake, we can find in our Lord a reason to rejoice.

Remember this verse when the voice of depression beckons you to come nearer. Remember this when you've lost a loved one or when it seems that failure has reared its ugly head and lifted its deafening voice. Remember this verse when plans have gone awry or everyone you love seems to have turned the other way. Rejoice in THE LORD always. I'll say it again. Rejoice!


  1. Wow.

    Lord, I will rejoice in you because YOU are my only constant. I loved this!

  2. Hmmm, I never saw this as a command, but now that I do...I will rejoice in the lord always, as there is always a reason to rejoice.