Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Reason for the Season...

I was going to write about Christmas, but I decided against it. There is a more pressing issue on my heart...

Life has it's phases. It has seasons. We go through times that are warm and full of life and that produce fruits, like Spring. But we also go through seasons that are like Winter, when everything is cold and unyielding. Seasons change and people change with them, but I honestly believe that each phase in life has it's purpose. There is always a reason for every season that we go through.

I think about great men and women. People who's lives are documented in the marvelous Word of God. When Moses was growing up, he always had the best that Egypt had to offer. He lived like the prince that he was. There came a time, however, when Moses' comfort zone had to be vacated. It was at this time that Moses found himself wandering through the desert for 40 years! What worse place could a man who had lived in the lap of luxury find himself? The desert produces nothing. It is dry and it is barren. But these 40 years prepared Moses for his destiny. There was a reason for the season that he was in.

We all go through times when it feels like we're wandering aimlessly under the sun, not knowing which direction to take the next step. The good thing about these times is that, with God, there is a special way that our steps are ordered. In the end, all that we experience will work together for our good.

I pray that each season in your life will bring it's own lessons. I pray that no season will be wasted. I pray that in the end, you will grasp your victory and that you will become all that you were born to be. There is a reason for whatever you may be going through. Trust God and keep pushing. Your time will come.

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  1. if you wrote this while avatar'ing, i'll have to give you more kudos than normal. well said, cuz.

  2. Bona...these are the words i've been preaching to myself, more focusing though on Abram's story and him following God's call through 100% uncertain journey. Challenging to even fathom that, but thats where am at! Thanks for the Moses example...will go deepr on that.

  3. @! written while watching Avatar...but i didn't know they gave kudos for ADD... gotta tell me more about your revelation into Abram's story...:-)

  4. this is awesome~~~~~~!!