Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Beautiful Bride...

I don't know about you, but The state of the church saddens me. This isn't what it was meant to be. The church wasn't supposed to be about programs and doctrines and merchandising. The church is meant to be the bride of Christ. We are meant to be an answer in a dying world.

I really believe that God is about to do something major in us. I believe that He's ready to win the heart of His bride back. Since that is what my God wants, that is what I want. I want revival. I want it to begin with me. I want a genuine love for God and an authentic love for people to flow out from our pulpits and from our pews and I want that love to flood our communities.

We have to realize that we are the church. Individually, we make up the church as a whole. Let's adorn ourselves with praise. Let's make ourselves beautiful and let's go in to see our Bridegroom. When we go to see Him, let's pour our love on Him like the woman with the alabaster box.

Back to the basics...


  1. BONA! we're so on the same "heart-channel". Makes me feel like a 'church/religion hater' when i express this exact concerns. The leaders(pastors, et al)seem to be the drivers of the problem, by being so church-centered while SPEAKING kingdom centeredness. I find it confusing at times. sigh*. prayer is the key.

  2. Hey Girly!

    We must def be on the same page!! although i won't place the blame on anyone...i just know that I want the change to start with me...let's pray pray pray!

  3. BONA!!!!! OOOOO MMMMYYYY GGGOOOOOODDDDNNNEEESSS!!!! I was goin crazy reading this. This is definitely my heart!!! God has been moving in me about this subject, kind of, for the last few weeks. I say kind of because He's been moving me in this direction but not directly. He's been beating me over the head with this concept of Wisdom. What is it, WHere do we get it, and why do we need it...And the main thing that is coming from this is that we need it (we as the church). We need His wisdom to understand and to finally do what He has called His beautiful bride to do. Check my blog in the next couple of weeks...All my thoughts on that are about to be up there!! Stephen's been on this for a min too. Its funny how those who are seeking after Christ end up on the same page without even trying!!!lol God send revival!! Give us the wisdom and revelation to see what You have planned for us, the Church!!!Show us how to come back to You!!! Let us be all that You want us to be!!! Here's my blog: and yes PRAYER is definitely the key, indeed!