Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nothing Can Separate Us...

I can understand what Paul meant when he said that he was PERSUADED. What could convince a man like Paul that there is nothing on earth or in heaven or below the earth that could separate him from the love of God that is found in Christ Jesus? I honestly believe that death and life and principalities and powers and things in the present and things in the future tried to separate Paul from the love of Christ...but did not succeed...

There are things in life...situations...that try your faith...circumstances that will make you question things that you know to be true. They'll make you look at yourself and question the things that God has told you He loves about you...but this is when the beauty of relationship shines through. And I think that Paul realized this. That even in those times when life throws you curveballs that make you question and doubt, God is there to answer every question and quiet every doubting voice...this is how we can be persuaded. This is how I was persuaded. I know now that neither death nor life, nor heartache nor pain, nor faults and insecurities...nothing...absolutely NOTHING...can separate me from the love of God that I've found in Christ Jesus.

"The first time I see Your face, everything else around me will fade to the background...and I'll be struck full by the truth in Your gaze as You work an indelible change in me..."~Brooke Fraser

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