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If you haven't already heard about these young people with a deep passion for God's kingdom, you should be ready to hear a lot more about them in the near future. Brandon Camphor and OneWay is a band based in Prince George's County, MD...and they have a message that will touch the hearts of people all over the world.

Lead by singer, songwriter, producer, Brandon Camphor, OneWay is comprised of singers Angela Jones, Jayna Cullens, and Fred Cleveland and musicians Joshua Davies, Jerome Baylor, Myron Mollon, and Larry Mack.

I recently spoke to Brandon -a 22 year old man with a passion beyond his years, and when we talked about the band's upcoming album release he said a few things that stuck out to me.

"The title of our album is ReGENERATION," he said "and for us, that means 'spiritual rebirth.'" Brandon and the members of OneWay believe that the values in our popular culture have been sacrificed for feelings of ease and comfort. The goal of these vibrant and passionate young people is to be an example of Godly living in our generation and to reinstate a righteous standard. I honestly believe that they will upset the status quo and make great waves for the kingdom of God. As Brandon puts it, OneWay has a plan to "restructure the DNA of our generation," and I am positive that with God's grace and leading, they will do so in a major way.

So make sure to be a part of this ministry by getting their up coming debut release, ReGENERATION. It will be available online on 09/09/09 and it's sure to be a blessing!!

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