Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When I Consider Your Heavens...

He is God. The Creator of all things beautiful and magnificent. The Ruler of the heavens and the earth. The only One who is complete in and of Himself. He is God and no other being in heaven, on earth, or below the earth can begin to compare to the intensity of His greatness. This is known by all. I believe that somewhere deep inside, those who deny the matter know it as well. This truth is astounding, but the part of it that boggles my mind is the fact that in all His glory and majesty, in all His power and strength, He thinks of me. Psalm 4:3-4 says:

When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained, what is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of man that You visit him?

When I consider all that You've done...when I think about the amazing things that You've brought to pass without the help of any other being, I wonder why You think of me. I wonder why You consider me a friend. I wonder why You take time out to spend moments of intimacy with me.

I can relate to David in this. I stand in awe of a God who can create a perishable being, know and understand it's flaws, but dwell with it still. This wonderful phenomenon speaks of the humility of my God. He knows that He is all-powerful, all-knowing, pure and perfect, and still thinks of me. The bible doesn't say that He is thinking of His own beauty and greatness...but that He is thinking of me. This is humility of the purest kind. This is my God.


  1. "The Humility of God" Such a mind-blowing perspective.

  2. @Erers...I can't even begin to describe what i think about Him...like right now...and at every now...i'm just in awe of Him...He's mind-boggling (in a good way..:-])

  3. yeah..mind-blowing is the word..even seems like an understatement... still pondering** the humility of my God.

  4. wow, mind blowing indeed... it amazes me how God humbles Himself n is so concerned about every little detail that relates to me. He is not just a great God but also my best friend. As we continue to look to Him, may we become transformed into His likeness n humbled so as to receive grace to finish the race.
    nice 1
    remain blessed