Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Secret...

So...apparently it's been a poetic month for me. Here's another:

It's like You know a secret about me that You won't share
And it has to be something good
It has to be something amazing
Because I look at me and
I can't for the life of me understand why
Your love has carried me above the
Muck and Mire
Its like You know a secret about me that You won't share
Maybe I'm a princess from a far away land
Maybe I'm a warrior queen from an exotic coast
But I look at me and I'm still me
No riches or fame or power to claim
But Your love has rescued me
Its like You know a secret about me that You won't share
Why do You love me?
It seems so unfair
But then I look up and You are still there
Perfect in all Your beauty and splendor
I get it now
Its not because of me, I see
You are Who You are
That's why You even see me.
Thank You.


  1. As I read this I imagined God opening His book where He wrote secret things about us.

  2. @Jaycee...that would be an interesting read...:-)

  3. Jaycee took the words out of my fingers...and this makes me wonder about the amazing love of God...

  4. Those are the words that go through me each time I think about God's mercies upon my life. Oh, I love this.
    First time here. Imma visit over and over.. lol
    More grease!

    - LDP

  5. you are an amazing art!!!! Let's work together! would love to photograph your beautiful self!! and I'm following your blog now :)

    here's mine, would love it if you followed my blog


  6. @everyone!!! thanks! and i'll follow all blog links...:-)

    @princess...let's def work together....you're awesome!