Saturday, November 21, 2009

Draw Me Close...

I'll be honest with you in saying that the love of God doesn't make any sense to me. Why does He love us this much? We have absolutely nothing to offer Him that He didn't give us in the first place. In comparison with the way man loves, God's love is mind boggling. With man, you have to earn love. You have to work for it and even when you work as hard as you can, there's no guarantee that it will be yours. But God's King's's different. His love was freely given to all at the cross of Christ. What an amazing and beautiful endeavor. I don't understand the love of Christ just yet, but I will accept it fully.

I began with that so that I could continue with this: God is drawing us with His eternal love. It's actually a wonderful thing to behold. It's the budding of the beautiful and bold fruit of revival. People everywhere are being transformed by the relentless love of Christ.

I was thinking about James 4:8 today. This wonderful promise says that if we will take the chance in drawing near to God -if we hunger after Him and seek His face- that He will draw near to us. There is a fresh hunger burning in the bellies of the people of God. We are no longer satisfied with surface religion and a parody of the church of God. We're ready for change. We're ready for more.

The great mystery of this truth lies in knowing that it is God Himself who births this righteous hunger within us. That's what Philippians 2:13 says. This verse teaches us that God is the one who works in us so that we want to do His good pleasure...and then He works in us so that we follow this want with actions. God is placing within us a hunger that will cause us to draw closer and closer to Him. And He promises that as we draw closer to Him, He will draw closer to us.

Now is the time for us to lay down those things that make us heavy and to run toward our Prize with everything we have. Now is the time. My prayer is that we will open our hearts to the love of Christ that is like no other love. I pray that as we receive His love, we will begin to run hard and fast toward Him. And as people start to run with passion and grace, I pray that the whole earth will be shaken with the sheer force of desperation in our foot steps. Now is the time.

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  1. Good stuff, Bona! Keep the post coming! :)

  2. i title this "now is the time!" great write....that the whole earth will be shaken with the sheer force of desperation in our footsteps. ammenn to that!

  3. Beautiful write....Bona..It reminds of running back to you by Commissioned! It's true,i strongly believe if only man could listen harder to the voices from his heart,he would know when he's closer to God like he should and when he starts drifting away like he shouldn't. More often than we think,father communicates his love with us but our spirituality needs to be in the right place to at least catch a glimpse of this comprehension.